2. toastdraws:

    My late-to-the-game contribution to the Jerkcity HD project (NSFW).

    Original comic is here (page is SFW, but overall site is NSFW).


  3. dragonsdongma:

    sometimes i wonder if i should even do comics. they’re a killer on the hand (and how do proper page sizes)! only one panel things now.

    also i will never do the same character design twice. adds to the challenge.



  4. Original strip: http://www.jerkcity.com/_jerkcity5632.html

    Me: isopodde.tumblr.com


  5. mcfrontalot:

    Original: http://www.jerkcity.com/_jerkcity5633.html



  7. ORIGINAL STRIP http://www.jerkcity.com/jerkcity2238.html

    HLAGUHGLAGHLUAGH SHAMELESS PLUG http://furiousrockets.net/


  8. dragonsdongma:

    Damn I love Jerkcity but “Shortbread Shitcakes,” was just too golden to not draw.



  9. artbutt:

    im having a lot of fun drawing jerkcity hds & i cant stop ;(

    source comic


  10. artbutt:

    jerkcity hd

    source comic